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Jul 12, 2012, 9:40:19 AM (6 years ago)

wish for plugin test-site


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    3333  * Several tickets should be addressed before this plugin will be ready for production use: #5773, #6140, #6144, #6160, #6348.
    3434 * Expanded support for creating polls and voting on projects and tickets (#6471). t.e.o uses the VotePlugin, so it is probably pretty stable. FiveStarVotePlugin is another that we could consider using. The PollMacro is currently installed on t.h.o, and EasyPollMacro appears to build on it and add more functionality.
     35   * Would be cool if the Top50 of the plugin charts are somehow installed (automatically with their latest (stable?) version) on a demo-site for seeing how they look like and for playing and testing with it. That would give the user a chance to see what it actually is and can do before he spend the time with installing.
    3536 * Tools to facilitate code reviews, such as the CodeReviewerPlugin.
    3637 * Support for Git and Hg in addition to SVN. Is it practical to have live mirrors, do we settle on a single DVCS or do we just give the user a choice of which to work with?