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Adds the ability to use the smtp_default_domain option to version 0.9.6

Edit the and find (around line 86, in init)

            if email:
                self.email_map[username] = email

add these lines

        # If no email, append default_domain to username
                self.domain = self.config.get('notification', 'smtp_default_domain')
                self.email_map[username] = username + '@' + self.domain

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Download the zipped source from [download:smtpdefaultdomainpatch here].


You can check out SmtpDefaultDomainPatch from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


Add the following line to your notification section in your trac.ini.

Do not use the @ symbol.

smtp_default_domain =

All logins that contain only the username (like if you're using ldap usernames to log in with) will then have valid email addresses. If the user adds in an email address, it will supercede the default-ing.

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