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Known (Confirmed) Issues

  • May not work with MySQL (#3088) and PostgreSQL (#3207) databases.

Priority Enhancements


  • 2011-01-10: Trac 0.11 and 0.12 (trunk) compatible versions are now available. The trunk version is not stable. Please be prepared to test and report back if you install from the trunk. The Trac 0.10 version is no longer supported.
  • 2011-01-10: Maintainership transferred to rjollos.

Repository, ticket and wiki statistics


Stractistics is a plugin designed to estimate recent project activity by providing repository, ticket and wiki statistics.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for StractisticsPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.

Download and Source

Download [download:stractisticsplugin the zipped source], check out form here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


If your python < 2.6, it requires

  • simplejson

Your web browser must support :

  • Javascript
  • Macromedia Flash Player 9 plugin.

FireFox 2.0, Internet Explorer 7 and Opera 9.25 have been successfully tested.


First, enable the plugin.

stractistics.* = enabled 

Then if you've got STRACTISTICS_VIEW permission, a Stractistics button will appear on the navigation bar. Just click it and enjoy.

Now (from ver 0.3.0 upwards) you can customize the time gap thanks to the upper-left form. Please don't set the number of weeks higher than 25 because that clutters values on the x axis, I'll try to fix that sometime. Note that the ticket activity chart ignores the number of weeks, it only considers 30 days prior the chosen date.

  • A week is Monday through Sunday.
  • All results are real-time, Stractistics executes a series of queries against your Trac database when the page is loaded.


It is possible to customize these parameters:

  • repository_authors_limit : Number of users displayed on the repository activity chart. Its default value is 5.
  • wiki_authors_limit : Number of users displayed on the wiki activity chart . Its default value is 5.
  • ignored_repository_authors: List of users to be ignored in the repository activity chart. User names should be comma-separated. Its default value is empty.
  • ignored_wiki_authors: List of users to be ignored in the wiki activity chart. User names should be comma-separated. Its default value is empty.
  • max_author_characters: Maximum number of author characters to be displayed on the tables. This comes in handy when dealing with long author names. Its default value is None, therefore it doesn't mangle the names at all.

Right now, I'd advise against setting any of those parameters to a value greater than 8 because that leads to cluttered charts. If you wish to modify the default settings, create a new section called 'stractistics' in trac.ini and then add any of the parameters and its new value. Example:

repository_authors_limit = 5
wiki_authors_limit = 7


Project reports:

0.4.1 global repors

User reports:

0.4.1 user reports

Recent Changes

13606 by rjollos on 2014-01-23 04:10:00
0.6dev: Changed license from GPL v2 to BSD 3-Clause, with permission from original author dagomez. Refs #10916.

Converted tabs to space and fixed indentation in source code.

13597 by rjollos on 2014-01-21 05:29:56
0.6dev: Fix query for user wiki activity. Refs #10916.
13596 by rjollos on 2014-01-21 05:29:48
0.6dev: PEP-0008 changes.


Author: Daniel Gómez Brito (dagomez)
Maintainer: Ryan J Ollos
Contributors: mixedpuppy, Manuel Jesús Recena Soto

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