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show SVN URL links in /browser and /log


The SvnUrlsPlugin provides links to the url of repository files as viewable at /browser and /log in trac. This enables easy reference to the actual svn entities for svn operations To make this work, you will have to add a section in the trac.ini for your project.

svn_base_url = https://your.repository/location

Optionally, you may also add an entry to this section controlling what text is displayed:

link_text = [svn]

The above is the default.

Where SVN URLs Lives

SVN URLs lives at

Right now (May 13, 2008), the tags/0.3 version is the stable version; however, it breaks the expand_dir.js. I'm working on rewriting this with ITemplateStreamFilter, which hopefully will fix this.

How SVN URLs Works filters requests and post-processes them (implementing IRequestFilter) and uses custom templates overriding ones in trac/versioncontrol/templates.

This is implemented for genshi templates only so will not work with versions of trac using clearsilver.

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