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    1 == TablePlugin Documentation ==
     1= TablePlugin Documentation =
     3TablePlugin uses a similar style to the !FlatTablePlugin that was originally developed. The inspiration for the TablePlugin originated from the !FlatTablePlugin. A number of issues where present with the !FlatTablePlugin, such as no wiki formatting support amongst other things.
     5TablePlugin provides improved readability and syntax for building up complex tables within a wiki. The headings and rows are now defined in the same way,
     6this helps with the readability aspect, even for very complex tables that can be defined using the TablePlugin.
     8The TablePlugin supports the following items within the cells:
     9    - Lists
     10    - Wiki Markup
     11    - HTML
     12    - Web links
     13    - Nesting (including nesting of the TablePlugin itself)
     14    - Full CSS support (fully customisable heading and row cells)
     15    - Flexible heading/column definition styles, multi-line or comma-separated
     16    - etc...
     18== Table Styles ==
     20The table styles are stored as part of a trac page. This trac page should be setup by the TablePlugin the first time it runs. It creates a page `wiki/TablePluginStyles` that contains a default table style along with a CSS header style for the tables heading.
     22The styles should be written as follows:
     26== Table Definition ==
     28== Usage ==