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A Tagging System for Trac

The TagsPlugin implements both a generic tagging engine, and frontends for the Wiki and ticket systems. An extra text entry box is added to the Wiki edit page for tagging Wiki pages, and ticket keywords are treated as tags for the ticket system.

The TagsPlugin was created by Muness Alrubaie, with contributions from Alec Thomas.

Obtaining and Installing

For Trac 0.8?

Follow the installation instructions.

For Trac 0.9? and 0.10

  1. At the moment you will have to check out the source for the tags plugin using SVN.
    svn co
  2. Follow the usual plugin installation instructions.
  3. Update your trac.ini with the following:
    default_handler = TagsWikiModule
    [components] = disabled
    tractags.* = enabled
  4. Run trac-admin <env> upgrade on your Trac environment.
  5. Restart your web server.

At this stage the plugin should be working and you should see a text control for tags in your Wiki edit page. You should also see a navigation link in the top-right corner labelled Tag Index.

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