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    2727This plugin provides 'build' events from Teamcity server to Trac timeline and creates control buttons and progressbars for selected teamcity builds.
     29== Installation ==
     31 0. Add special user in you teamcity installation for this Trac plugin
     32 1. Get latest version from svn:
     34 svn co
     36 2. Build egg-file and put it to Trac plugins dir:
     38python bdist_egg
     39cp dist/TeamCityPlugin-X.X-pyX.X.egg /path/to/trac/instance/plugins/
     41 3. Edit Trac config.ini, enable plugin:
     44teamcity.* = enabled
     46 4. Add permissions to users allowed to build and/or configure plugin. There are two trac permissions:
     47TEAMCITY_BUILD (allows to view /trac-instance/builds page and run builds) and TEAMCITY_ADMIN (allows to edit plugin settings).
     48from console:
     50trac-admin /path/to/trac/instance permission add authenticated TEAMCITY_BUILD
     52 5. Edit plugin settings.
     53All plugin settings are stored in config.ini, so you can add a new section to
     54config.ini or go to trac-instance/admin/ and edit them via admin interface.
     59base_url = http://<you_ci_server>:<port>  # base url to TC server, WITHOUT trailing slash
     60username = trac
     61password = trac1                # TC credentials which plugin will use to access TC server
     62cache_dir = /tmp/teamcity_cache # Plugin will cache here build logs from teamcity
     63builds = bt1,bt2                # a list of buildTypeId from TC to follow
     64limit = 10080                   # Number of minutes for timeline.
     65                                # Plugin will add events to timeline for builds which are newer then now()-limit
     67All of described settings you can add to Trac config.ini directly or via admin iface.
    2969== Recent Changes ==