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    1818Test cases are stored in a very simple XML format.  And you can specify collection of test cases (for example a smoke test) by specifying which test cases belong to a test template.  This information is also specified in an xml file.
     20== Configuration steps required ==
     221. create a testcases directory within an existing subvesion project.  We typically structure our development projects with a main project directory and then a source and build subdirectory.  So when you add the testcases directory you might have something like this:
     24project/source/ <-- checked into subversion
     25project/build/ <-- this is not checked in but created when you build the application
     26project/testcases/ <-- checked into subversion
     28The nice thing about this is you add a lot more transparency to the testing process.  As testcases are bundled and versioned with the source code
     302.  Add testcases and commit those testcases to your subversion repository using the example format (see attachement)
     313.  Create a testtemplate file and create and testtemplates you might care about (for example the smoketest).
     334.  add in your trac config file a new section:
     42This is important because Trac can be set up against subdirectories so you often don't link trac to your root subversion folder, so only specify the full path from the root node if that's how trac was set up.
     445. add a ticket type called testcase
     456. I also add a custom ticket type in the trac.config file for reporting purposes
     48testcase_result.label= Test Case Result
     527. enable the plugin either through the trac admin plugin or by modifying the trac.config file:
     58I've added some helpful debugging/error checking that should help if an error occurs.  Probably the most likely error is you'll specify the relative path to the testcases incorrectly.
    2160== Bugs/Feature Requests ==