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    77'''Follow this [wiki:TestManagerForTracPluginQuickSetup Quick setup guide]''' to get you going quickly.
    9 '''Note:''' !TestManager release 1.4.3 requires XmlRpcPlugin to run. I've removed this hard dependency with 1.4.4.
     9'''Note:''' !TestManager release 1.4.8 introduces a new more robust upgrade mechanism. Unfortunately '''upgrade to 1.4.8 or up is supported only from release 1.4.7 or later.'''. If you have an older version than 1.4.7, first upgrade to 1.4.7 and then you can upgrade to the latest version.
     11'''Note:''' !TestManager release 1.4.3 requires XmlRpcPlugin to run. I've removed this hard dependency with 1.4.4. Anyway, if you have XmlRpcPlugin you can use the [wiki:TestManagerForTracPluginRPCApi Test Manager remote API].
    1113== Description ==
     656'''Release 1.4.8 (2011-10-23):'''
     657  o Strongly enhanced the upgrade mechanism. Now it's more robust, should work with all the databases and between arbitrary Test Manager versions.[[BR]]
     659    The only drawback is that upgrade is only supported from 1.4.7, not from previous versions.[[BR]]
     661  o Enhancement #9077 (Track-Hacks): Ability to separate and report on test plans by product[[BR]]
     663  o Enhancement #9208 (Track-Hacks): Test plan with only selected test cases from the catalog, take snapshot version of test cases.[[BR]]
     664                                     This is an important one. Many users were asking for a way of including only selected test cases into[[BR]]
     665                                     a Test Plan, for different reasons. Now you have it :D[[BR]]
     667  o Added French language catalog! Thanks to someone who doesn't want to be cited :D[[BR]]
     669  o Fixed Ticket #9141 (Track-Hacks): Update installation 1.4.6 -> 1.4.7 not possible[[BR]]
     670  o Fixed Ticket #9167 (Track-Hacks): installation of 1.4.7 with postgres database not possible[[BR]]
     671  o Fixed Ticket #9187 (Track-Hacks): Current test status report should consider only last result of a testcase in the plan. [[BR]]
     672                                      Thanks to Andreas for his contribution to fixing this one![[BR]]
    654674'''Release 1.4.7''' (2011-08-28):
    655675  o Enhancement #8907 (Track-Hacks): Add template for "New TestCase" - Thanks a lot to Christian for the hard work on this enhancement!!![[BR]]