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    1212A set of plugins intercept requests for Wiki pages that are test cases and decorate the page with title, breadcrumbs, tree view, type-ahead search inside the catalogs, test case status semaphore and icons and buttons that allow you to create new test cases, sub-catalogs, copy and paste test cases around different catalogs and change a test case status.
     16== Test Catalogs ==
     17Test catalogs contain sub-catalogs or Test Cases. A Javascript tree view displays a catalog node and its sub-tree, including the test cases and their status.
     19Notice at the top of the page breadcrumbs to easily navigate up in the catalogs tree.
     21You can add sub-catalogs or Test Cases simply by entering a name (blanks and case is supported) and click the appropriate button. A new wiki page is generated, with a naming convention allowing the plugin code to position it correctly in the catalogs tree, and opened for editing.
     22Be careful that the first line will always be taken as the title of the catalog (the same stands for test cases, read below).
     24Just save the new page ("Submit Changes") and you'll have your new catalog in place.
     31== Test Cases ==
     32Test Cases are the smallest units of test execution.
     34They are implemented again as wiki pages, with a naming convention that allows the plugin code to recognize them and treat them appropriately.
     36You can track the execution status a Test Case by simply clicking on the corresponding light in the semaphore at the bottom of the page.
     38You don't need to save anything, the change is immediately recorded in the database by means of an Ajax call (you may even envision calling this RESTful API from external applications).
     40Again, notice the breadcrumbs at the top, useful to go back to the enclosing catalog or any catalog up the hierarchy.
     47== Searching anf filtering Test Cases in the tree view ==
     48A type-ahead, browser-side filtering feature allows for easily locating Test Cases matching a particular naming convention in the title, and/or a particular execution status.
     50Multiple words (or parts of) separated by blanks are supported, in AND condition.
     52You can also add a test case status to filter by this criterion.
     53The supported statuses are (even substrings of):
     54 * untested
     55 * successful
     56 * failed