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    1414Multiple Test Plans can be associated to any Test Catalog, in order to keep track of the execution of the corresponding Test Cases in a particular testing context.
     16All of the test objects, i.e. catalogs, test cases, test plans and test cases in a plan (i.e. with a status and a status change history), support:
     17 * '''Custom properties''', which can be declared in the trac.ini file and will be available to the User for change, stored in the database and available to change listeners.
     18 * Change history
     19 * Listener interface to be notified of object creatio, modification and deletion
     20 * '''Customizable Workflow''' state machine, declared in the trac.ini file, with the same syntax as for Ticket workflows (I may have reused some existing code here :-)
     21 * '''Customizable Workflow Operations''', via a plugin api so that any component can provide its custom operations to be performed upon any workflow action, as defined in the trac.ini file.
     22 * Workflow also supports a listener API for components interested in state transitions and actions performed
     23 * Workflow states also support custom properties, so to be able to convey additional context information on a workflow state and use it in listeners or directly from the database.
     25The developed workflow engine is able to work on any Trac Resource, it is not confined to this plugin ones. You can then define a workflow on any Trac resource, including Wiki pages, declaratively in the trac.ini file.
     26You will then add a handful of custom code (for example in an ITemplateStreamFilter) to add the markup that the workflow engine generates for you to your desired Trac web page.
     27See the enhancement tickets documentation or the README.txt file contained in the egg (if you don't wish to browse the code) for further details.
    1629The '''programmatic RESTful API''' is documented in details in this page TestManagerForTracPluginApi.
     135== Custom fields ==
     137Custom fields can be added to the four test objects and to the workflow state object, by declaring them in the trac.ini file.
     138See the README.txt file for how to recreate this example.
     139The following screenshot shows a custom "platform" field added to the Test Case object, and how it is presented to the User for editing.
     148== Customizable Workflow ==
     150The following figure shows a sample workflow added to Test Cases with custom sample operations.
     151No built-in operation is currently implemented, but the sample one shown here, which logs a debug message with the text input by the User.
     153See the README.txt file for how to recreate this example.
    122162== Searching and filtering Test Cases in the tree view ==
    123163A type-ahead, browser-side filtering feature allows for easily locating Test Cases matching a particular naming convention in the title, and/or a particular execution status.