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     487== Troubleshooting ==
     489=== Is setuptools properly installed? ===
     491Try this from the command line:
     494$ python -c "import pkg_resources"
     497If you get no output, setuptools is installed. Otherwise, you'll need to install it before plugins will work in Trac.
     499=== Did you get the correct version of the Python egg? ===
     501Python eggs have the Python version encoded in their filename. For example, MyPlugin-1.0-py2.4.egg is an egg for Python 2.5, and will not be loaded if you're running a different Python version (such as 2.6 or 2.7).
     503Also, verify that the egg file you downloaded is indeed a ZIP archive and not the HTML preview page instead.
     505=== Is the plugin enabled? ===
     507If you install a plugin globally (i.e. not inside the plugins directory of the Trac project environment) you will have to explicitly enable it in trac.ini. Make sure that:
     509 * you actually added the necessary line(s) to the [components] section
     510 * the package/module names are correct
     511 * the value is “enabled", not e.g. “enable”
     513=== Check the permissions on the egg file and on the trac.ini file ===
     515The user user to run Trac (either tracd or Apache) must be able to read the egg files.
     517Also, it's been reported that for PosgreSQL also its user must be able to read trac.ini.
     519=== Check the log files ===
     521Open the Trac Admin tab, enable logging and set the log level to DEBUG, then watch the log file for messages about loading plugins.
     523=== Verify you have proper permissions ===
     525Some plugins, including the Test Manager ones, require you have special permissions in order to use them.
     527See [wiki:TestManagerForTracPlugin#Security] for a description of the available/required permissions.
     529=== Is the wrong version of the plugin loading? ===
     531If you put your plugins inside plugins directories, and certainly if you have more than one project, you need to make sure that the correct version of the plugin is loading. Here are some basic rules:
     533Only one version of the plugin can be loaded for each running Trac server (ie. each Python process). The Python namespaces and module list will be shared, and it cannot handle duplicates. Whether a plugin is enabled or disabled makes no difference.
     535A globally installed plugin (typically install) will override any version in global or project plugins directories. A plugin from the global plugins directory will be located before any project plugins directory.
     537'''If your Trac server hosts more than one project''' (as with TRAC_ENV_PARENT_DIR setups), then having two versions of a plugin in two different projects will give uncertain results. Only one of them will load, and the one loaded will be shared by both projects. Trac will load the first found - basically from the project that receives the first request.
     539Having more than one version listed inside Python site-packages is fine (ie. installed with install) - setuptools will make sure you get the version installed most recently. However, '''don't store more than one version inside a global or project plugins directory''' - neither version number nor installed date will matter at all. There is no way to determine which one will be located first when Trac searches the directory for plugins.
     541=== Have you restarted Apache? ===
     543For Apache to sense a plugin upgrade (and sometimes even installation), it must be restarted.
     545=== If all of the above failed ===
     547OK, so the logs don't mention plugins, the egg is readable, the python version is correct and the egg has been installed globally (and is enabled in the trac.ini), you restarted Apache and it still doesn't work or give any error messages or any other indication as to why?
     549Open a ticket here. The plugins maintainers (yes, it's me :-)) watch ticket notifications continuously.
    487552== Recent Changes ==
    488553Note: you can '''subscribe to the [ Forum]''' to be updated on new releases.