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     90=== Importing Test Cases from a CSV file into a Test Catalog ===
     92If you already have Test Cases defined elsewhere you can import them into the Test Manager.
     93While browsing a Test Catalog, click on "Import Test Cases" at the bottom of the page. The dialog box shown in the following figure will pop-up.
     94Browse for the CSV (comma-separated values) file containing your Test Cases, specify the value separator (default is the comma character) and click "Import".
     96The CSV file must have the following format.
     98The first row will have column names. Use lowercase identifiers, with no blanks, for them.
     100The data must start from the second row. There must be at least the following '''required columns''':
     101 * title
     102 * description
     104Any subsequent columns are optional, and will generate [wiki:TestManagerForTracPlugin#Customfields custom test case fields]. To fully appreciate custom fields, switch to the Test Catalog Tabular view.
     106A sample CSV file may be the following:
     109First Test Case,This is the long description for the first test case,linux,bye bye
     110Second Test Case,This is the long description for the second test case,windows,ciao
     111Third Test Case,This is the long description for the third test case,macosx,hasta la vista
     118'''Import Test Cases dialog'''
    90122== Test Cases ==
    91123Test Cases are the smallest units of test execution.