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    667667'''During the last months:'''
     670'''Release 1.4.9 (2012-01-04):'''
     671  o Enhancement #8958 (Track-Hacks): An ability to export test data to CSV format needed.[[BR]]
     672                                     You can now export to CSV a test catalog or a test plan.[[BR]]
     673                                     In the test catalog and test plan pages you will find an "Export ..." button.[[BR]]
     674                                     The export format is designed to eventually import the stuff back into another Test Manager plugin evironment, as soon as a compatible import feature will be implemented :D (the current import feature is simpler than that.)[[BR]]
     675  o Enhancement #9287 (Track-Hacks): New browser tab for existing testcases. Now you have an option in trac.ini to choose what[[BR]]
     676                                     to do when clicking on a test case in the catalog/plan. [[BR]]
     677                                     The default is to NOT open it in a new window, but you can change that from the admin panel,[[BR]]
     678                                     under Testmanage->Settings, or directly in the trac.ini file like this:[[BR]]
     681testcase.open_new_window = True
     683  o Fixed Ticket #9297 (Track-Hacks): Can't print testplan table overview. There was a problem with the default print css from Trac.[[BR]]
     684  o Fixed Ticket #9510 (Track-Hacks): TestStats for single Testplans at 1.4.8 not working - patched. [[BR]]
     685                                      Thanks so much Andreas for finding it and for patching it!!![[BR]]
     686  o Fixed Ticket #9530 (Track-Hacks): Expand all / Collapse all is not running[[BR]]
     687  o Fixed Ticket #9654 (Track-Hacks): Error when creating test plans[[BR]]
    670689'''Release 1.4.8 (2011-10-23):'''