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Added examples of configuration

Some miscellaneous functions to ticket view (CKEditor, navigation table, descriptions, sorting versions, etc.)


Component TextAreaDescription

Shows next to a text area (like description itself or any custom description) an description for what the field is for.

Default values for options:

description_descr = 
descr_template = <div style="white-space: normal; height: 250px; overflow:scroll;" class="system-message">%s<div>

Component HtmlContent

Enables HTML content in description, adding Javascript editor and adding additional CSS file for manipulation CSS declarations.


option name values description
description_format wiki | html format for ticket description (default: wiki)
editor_source valid path Usually it should stored in project or common js folder. For ckeditor for example it could be site/js/ckeditor/ckeditor.js.
editor_replace valid path Javascript, which should replace textareas.
additional_css valid path Path to additional css file, which overrides css-declarations.

Sample configuration:

description_format = html
editor_source = site/js/ckeditor/ckeditor.js
editor_replace = <script type="text/javascript">CKEDITOR.replace('@FIELD_NAME@', {toolbar: 'custom'});</script>
additional_css = site/css/add_ticket.css

In above sample configuration CKEditor is used as online editor and the editor source is located in projects-folder htdocs/js/ckeditor, after each textarea with HTML-Option content of editor_replace will be added. The file in option additional_css will be added and therefore will override these declarations.

Attention: To have a correct preview, file ticket_box.html has to be edited:

1 <py:if test="field">
2   <py:choose test="">
3     <py:when test="ticket[] and field.format == 'html'">${wiki_to_html(context, '{{{ \n#!html \n' + ticket[]  + '\n}}}', escape_newlines=preserve_newlines)}</py:when>
4     <py:when test="'rendered' in field">${field.rendered}</py:when>
5     <py:otherwise>${ticket[]}</py:otherwise>
6   </py:choose>
7 </py:if>

Line 3 has to be inserted into py:choose block in above template-snippet.

<div py:if="ticket.description" class="searchable" xml:space="preserve">
    <py:when test="description_format == 'html'">${wiki_to_html(context, '{{{ \n#!html \n' + ticket.description  + '\n}}}', escape_newlines=preserve_newlines)}</py:when>
    <py:otherwise>${wiki_to_html(context, ticket.description, escape_newlines=preserve_newlines)}</py:otherwise>

Also py:choose block has to be added into div-block near the end of file (see above template-snippet).

Component CustomizedTicketView

Small changes of ticket view.


  • disables field field-reporter, so it cannot be changed anymore
  • disables button Reply, so no comment could be made to any description

Component SortMilestoneVersion

Sorts drop-down lists of version and milestone.

Component TicketNavigation

Implements an extra Navigation menu by dividing the main ticket information in an several div areas an providing a "jump-to" to the anker with are represented in the navigation box.


Screenshot of text area description (red box)

Screenshot of TextAreaDescription (red box under Beschreibung aka description) and HtmlContent (Editor)

Showing hiding creator of ticket (Component `CustomizedTicketView`)

Screenshot of CustomizedTicketView -- creator "Ersteller" is disabled, so it cannot be changed

Showing ticket navigation box (Component `TicketNavigation`)

Screenshot of TicketNavigation -- list of headers are as toolbox under mainnav

Sorting milestones by name instead of due date (Component `SortMilestoneVersion`)

Screenshot of SortMilestoneVersion -- milestones are sorted by name regardless of their case (upper case "TBD" is next to lower case "tbd")

Sorting versions by name instead of due date (Component `SortMilestoneVersion`)

Screenshot of SortMilestoneVersion -- versions are sorted in alphabetical order instead of their due / completion date

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for TicketNavPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Download the zipped source from [download:ticketnavplugin here].


You can check out TicketNavPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


Sample configuration of TextAreaDescription

descr_template = <div style="white-space: normal; height: 250px; overflow:auto;text-align:left;" class="system-message">%s<div>
description_descr = <div style="font-weight: bold">Folgende Fragen sollen beantworten werden:<br/></div><ul><li>Was wurde gemacht?</li></ul>

Sample configuration of HtmlContent

description_format = html
editor_source = site/js/ckeditor/ckeditor.js
editor_replace = <script type="text/javascript">CKEDITOR.replace('@FIELD_NAME@', {toolbar: 'custom'});</script>
additional_css = site/css/add_ticket.css

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fixes #12386: added license
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TextAreaDescription and it's .css file have been changed a little bit.

the Trac.ini has to be adapted:

The following attributes are now obsolete:
ATTRNAME.css_style = ...

The following attributes have to be added
descr_template = <div class="ticket-descr %s">%s%s<div>
releasenotes_relevant_tag = <p class = "rntag">Release-Notes relevant!</p>
releasenotes_relevant = <COMMA-SEPARATED LIST OF ATTRNAMES>

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