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The TicketRelations plugin enables you to define dependency relations between tickets.

TicketRelations is based on mastertickets by Noah Kantrowitz but removes the extra fluff (graphs) that came with mastertickets.

The concept is the same, in that you define ticket relations using the custom ticket fields blocking and blocked by.

TicketRelations is made for and tested on Trac 0.12. I have no idea if it works on older versions.

This plugin is hosted on github!


Download the zipped source from or checkout the source on github

Installation and configuration

To enable TicketRelations, add the following to trac.ini:

ticketrelations.* = enabled

blocking = text
blocking.label = Blocking
blockedby = text
blockedby.label = Blocked By

Bugs/Feature Requests

I prefer if you use githubs issue tracker!

Find existing requests and issues on github or trac-hacks

To add a new one go to: github or trac-hacks.


Author: leihog
Maintainer: leihog