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Ticket Tree for Trac


This is a Trac plugin to display tickets in a tree, organized based on structured ticket titles.

Have you often struggled with thousands of Trac tickets and missing a clear picture of where the problems are? Ticket Tree allows you to categorize your tickets based on the areas affected. With this categorization you can display the tickets in a tree, getting a better picture of the areas and sub-areas with more problems. In addition to that, the tree view lets you navigate your tickets more easily.

The categorization mechanism is really simple, as it's based on the ticket title. You will use the dash '-' character to define the category and sub-categories in your tickets.

For example, giving the following title to a ticket:

User Interface - Main menu - File menu - Unable to click on the "Open File" item

will display your ticket in the tree as follows:

+ User Interface

+ Main menu

+ File menu

Unable to click on the "Open File" item

The expanded ticket tree
The ticket tree, completely expanded

The collapsed ticket tree
The ticket tree, partially collapsed


Next to each category you will see the number of all tickets, and the detail of open and closed tickets, in that category.

Searching and Filtering

You can quickly search and filter tickets in the tree using the "Find" text box. Just start typing text in it to see your ticket tree reducing and highlighting only the tickets matching your text. You can type more than one word: only the tickets matching all of them will be displayed. Special words are "open" and "closed": they will limit the view to only open and closed tickets, respectively.

Searching and filtering
Searching for the "process" string in ticket titles

The Macro and how to use a Query

The plugin provides a macro, which lets you build custom ticket trees based on specific ticket queries. Used without any parameter, the macro will display a tree with all of the tickets.

Edit your preferred wiki page and add the following snippet to use the macro without any parameter. It will display all of your tickets:


To use a query, add it in parentheses. For example, the following query will display only tickets in the "new" status:


You can use the usual Trac Query syntax for the query.

Simplified categorization

An interesting feature is the ability to open a ticket in a specific category directly from the tree. Next to each category you'll find an "open ticket" link, clicking which you will be opened the ticket creation page with the ticket's title already built with the corresponding category and sub-categories, and a place-holder for the ticket's short description to follow.

Opening a ticket on a particular category
Opening a new ticket in a specific category using the "open ticket" link


The "Refresh" button performs the query again and updates the tree.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for TicketTreePlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


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General instructions on installing Trac plugins can be found on the TracPlugins page.

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