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    2121We wish to be able to offer bounties / quote prices on a ticket.  In addition to this [ time estimation] has proven to be a difficult problem for software developers.  The most commonly expressed way of becoming good at it, is to systematically record your estimations, compare that with actual output and adjust your estimations accordingly.  Toward this end, every ticket should have an estimated time on it.  The price / bounty should be expressable in either amount per hour or total cost.
    23 === Querying New Info ===
     23=== Querying Time Information ===
     24There needs to be a way to query all of the time data that we will be adding to the database.  We want this to be limitable based on time of entry, developer, billable/not billable.  We also want the capability to compare the total amount of hours spent to total estimated.
    2426=== Permissions ===
     27There should be a permission structure in place to (dis)allow viewing and editing of the various bits of data we are adding.  I would like this to mirror the trac built in permissions structure as much as possible. 
     28 1. TIME_VIEW
     29 1. TIME_EDIT
     30 1. TIME_QUERY (this could possibly be tied in with TIME_VIEW)
     31 1. ESTIMATE_VIEW
     32 1. ESTIMATE_EDIT
    2534=== Web Admin Integration ===
     36=== Future Feature Possibilities (A place to hold feature creep) ===
     37It would also be nice to be able to have graphs of some of the various data bits.  This could be provided through an svg/javascript graphing package.