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initial specification

#369 Time Tracking, Estimation, and Quoting Specification

Requirements and Rationale

  1. We wish to be able to note on a ticket the amount of time a developer spent on it. This should be a list rather than a single box with total hours, because many developers may work on this ticket many times before the ticket is complete. Currently we plan to add this to comments on a ticket. (Possibly as a separate table that references comments)
  2. a ticket should show a summary of the time spent per developer and in total
  3. a ticket should have the an estimated time field attached (probably just a custom field specified in trac.ini).
  4. Tickets should also provide a rate or fixed cost bounty field so that there is a corresponding price for the estimated time.
  5. We wish to be able to query per ticket / component / milestone / project (trac instance) how much time has been spent per developer and in total.
  6. we should be able to query the amount over/under our estimation we were per per ticket / component / milestone / project (trac instance)
  7. A permissions set that is associated with viewing and adding/editing these fields
  8. Integrate into webadmin to allow setting permissions on all of the newly added fields. This will be the most user friendly way of editing permissions and shouldnt be too much work in total.


Time Tracking

Time Estimation and Price Quoting Facilities

Querying New Info


Web Admin Integration