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     3= Time estimation and tracking
     5== Description
     7This plugin supports time tracking by adding the following to Trac:
     8* A ''Tasks'' admin panel, where tasks can be created and assigned a time estimate.
     9* A ''Log'' admin panel, where users can log the time they spend on these tasks.
     10* A new permission `TIME_TRACKING` that is required to use these panels.
     11* Two new database tables (to store these tasks and log entries).
     13Trac's reporting module can be used to define various reports that summarize these tasks and log entries. For reporting purposes tasks can be grouped into ''projects'' and ''categories'', and log entries can record a ''location''.
     15Tasks are created and estimated per ''year''.
     17(There is ''no'' formal connection between tasks and tickets. Informally wiki-links to tickets can be entered in the task or log descriptions.)
     19== !Bugs/Feature Requests
     21Existing bugs and feature requests for TimeTrackingPlugin are
     22[report:9?COMPONENT=TimeTrackingPlugin here].
     24If you have any issues, create a
     25[ new ticket].
     27== Download
     29Download the zipped source from [export:timetrackingplugin here].
     31== Source
     33You can check out TimeTrackingPlugin from [ here] using Subversion, or [source:timetrackingplugin browse the source] with Trac.
     35== Installation
     37Installation of the plugin requires the usual step, e.g. easy_install `` and enable it in Trac's plugin admin page or by adding `timetracking.* = enabled` to the `[components]` section in trac.ini.
     39A database upgrade will be required as usual (`trac-admin path-to-your-trac-environment upgrade`).
     41Assign the new `TIME_TRACKING` permission to the appropriate Trac groups / users (e.g. in Trac's permission admin page).
     43== Recent Changes
     45[[ChangeLog(timetrackingplugin, 3)]]
     47== !Author/Contributors
     49**Author:** [wiki:lucid] [[BR]]
     50**Maintainer:** [[Maintainer]] [[BR]]