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Plugin to render burndown SVG

Notice: This plugin is unmaintained and available for adoption.

News: version 0.6 is out (2008-02-26)

Author: mape (thtv08 _at_

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Description: This component draws customizable burndown graphs from ticket history provided by TimingAndEstimationPlugin. Dynamic graphs can be easily embedded to wiki pages.

Compability: Developed and tested with Trac 0.10.4, Python 2.4, sqlite, mod_python & apache on Windows. 0.6 version works on Trac 0.11!

Dependencies: TimingAndEstimationPlugin was needed in 0.4 and earlier versions to feed database with estimates and totalhours custom tickets. Browser must render SVG natively & support html tag iframe. Latest Firefox, Opera & Safari should work.

Feedback: Feel free to give feedback


  1. get source installation & install it
    svn co
    cd TimeVisualizer_0.6
    python install
  2. Edit trac.ini and modify components section:
    <...other components...>
    tractimevisualizerplugin.* = enabled
  3. Restart server to propagate changes

For details, see browser:/timevisualizerplugin/branches/TimeVisualizer_0.6/release_notes.txt


To test graphs & filtering, access "http://server:port/path_to_trac_env/tractimevisualizer". It will render hours from whole project life cycle.

More practical is to get graphs from some certain time frame and filter hours based on milestone and/or component. This is achieved with macro BurnDown (ya, I wrote this plugin to replace ScrumBurndownPlugin because its graph was so limiting and I don't like plugins that modify database schema).

In my example project, I have wiki page with following content:



It renders the following graphs (picture is cropped to fit better on this page)

example burndowns

For more, see browser:/timevisualizerplugin/branches/TimeVisualizer_0.6/release_notes.txt

Recent Changes

14861 by rjollos on 2015-08-06 02:37:43
0.7: Adds support for multiple lines and makes it possible to specify the color and with of the lines and the grid.

This is an untested patch that was previously attached the project wiki page.

14860 by rjollos on 2015-08-06 02:37:36
0.7: Created branch for 0.7.
3323 by mape on 2008-03-07 17:01:28
Applied patch, which fixes logging issue with cgi frontend, closes #2666
3317 by mape on 2008-03-06 08:30:33
set svn eol style to native (patches should be then cross platform compatible)
3316 by mape on 2008-03-06 08:27:13
layout change: using branches instead of tags (because published versio may need changes)


0.7 patch

The 0.7_patch.diff adds support for multiple lines and makes it possible to specify the color and with of the lines and the grid. See the release notes for details. The patch applies to the 0.6 release.



0.7 screenshot with multiple lines


Author: mape
Maintainer: none (needsadoption)

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