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A BibTex Cite Plugin


BibTex is for formatting lists of bibliographic references.

The aim of this plugin is to provide the ability to cite from common bibtex (*.bib) files.

The plugin can use bibtex files out of a svn repository, a git repository,a wiki page or from a Wiki-Attachment, or an external website.

If a wiki page called BibTex exists, the page is loaded automatically by BibRef() and used as standard library.

Make sure to put bibtex entries into a Code Block when you use them from a wiki page.

The command structure is inspired by the reference and bibtex system in latex. This should make it easy to make this plugin compatible with existing trac - latex plugins.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for TracBibPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.

Download and Source

Download the [download:tracbibplugin zipped source], check out from using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.




bibtexparser, a modified version is already included in the plugin.


  • The new default citation style is an IEEE-like style
  • !BibTeX files can be loaded from external websites
  • Extensionpoint 'IBibRefFormatter' for custom citation styles introduced
  • Extensionpoint 'IBibSourceProvider' for custom !BibTeX loaders introduced
  • Wiki pages can be used as bibliograpy. The Entries must be inside a code block.
  • The attachments can now be loaded fom any page in the wiki
  • A special page "BibTex" will be loaded automatically if this page exists, like in BadContent.


Configuration Settings

You can add a bibtext config section in trac.ini. In this section you can change the heading of the References and you can add other sources that should always be loaded:

heading= Literatur # default: References
auto= source:mybib.bib, wiki:BibTexBlub # default: wiki:BibTex

Load Bibtex Entries

The way how to invoke a bibtex file has substantially changed:

[[BibAdd(source:path/to/file[@rev])]]    # add a file from source 
[[BibAdd(attachment:[wikipage/]file)]]   # add a file from a wiki attachment        
[[BibAdd(wiki:page)]]                    # use a wiki page 
[[BibAdd(]] # use a bibtex file from everywhere



Cite an article



Wiki Syntax


Add an article without citation


Inserting the bibliography

This renders all cited entries:


This renders all loaded entries:


If you also want to render all entries from the special page 'BibTex' you can write


URL/DOI Fields

url and doi fields in BibTex files will be rendered to links if possible.

Full Example

= Welcome =


I am citing here [[BibCite(small)]] and someone said "hello world" [[BibCite(wiki,123)]] and 
cite:small:123-124 is important. finally the BibTex entry with the key 'big' is not cited but 
will appear in the references because of tho '!BibNoCite' macro. 


This looks rendered like that:

Recent Changes

12605 by Amfortas on 2013-02-09 22:11:48
changing revision 'latest' to 'None' for trac 0.11
12604 by Amfortas on 2013-02-09 21:03:02
support for 'new-style' repository manager
12014 by Amfortas on 2012-09-18 08:43:09
Introduced a 'bibtex' section in the config file which can be used to change the heading of the references section, and to autoload more than the wiki:BibTex? entries.


Author: Amfortas
Maintainer: Amfortas
Contributors: abeld

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