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    1010 * TracForgeGuide
     12== Instructions ==
     13As a stand in for better instructions pending more completed features:
     15First designate one env to be the master. This will manage SSO, and 
     16hold the central roles and permissions. This is also commonly the 
     17aggregate trac if you are using the data subscription system, but it 
     18doesn't need to be.
     20On each Trac, including the master, set the master_path option (under 
     21[tracforge]) to the full filesystem path to the master env.
     23On the master env, activate these components:
     24tracforge.* = enabled
     25tracforge.linker.* = disabled
     26tracforge.linker.auth.tracforgecookiemunger = enabled
     27tracforge.subscriptions.* = disabled
     29On each client env activate these:
     30trac.web.auth.loginmodule = disabled
     31tracforge.admin.perm.* = enabled
     32tracforge.linker.auth.* = enabled
     34For all envs set this in [trac]:
     35permission_store = TracForgePermissionModule
     37That should be all config changes you need. If you want to use the 
     38data subscription system, just enable tracforge.subscriptions.* on 
     39all envs.
     41To setup the tracforge system, go into WebAdmin on the master, and 
     42there should be a TracForge Project Admin screen. In there add each 
     43of your projects. For now TracForge cannot actually create the 
     44projects, so make them the normal way and then just enter them into 
     45TracForge. Once that is done you should be able to add central roles 
     46and permissions. Permissions work exactly the same way as normal, 
     47with the central ones combined with the per-project permissions. 
     48Roles show up as groups, so you can do something like give the group 
     49"member" the permission WIKI_MODIFY, and then add some users as 
     50members to a project. The "*" project on the roles screen means that 
     51user will have the given role on all projects (very handy for 
     52configuring global admin accounts).
     54There isn't much configuration to the subscription system. It should 
     55autodetect all sibling envs (envs sharing the same enclosing folder), 
     56and let you add subscriptions from one env to another. Changesets 
     57work very well, and tickets are mostly working (though there is no 
     58support for attachments yet).
    1261== Bugs/Feature Requests ==