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TracFormsPlugin Detailed Documentation


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TracForm Configuration

In the header section of the form, several commands can be used to control the rendering and configuration of the form in the form of "#!command [arg...]" lines before the first non-comment line:

Command Version Arguments Meaning
page 0.1+ page-context Sets the page portion of the context used to store the form. This defaults to the page the user is currently on.
subcontext 0.1+ subcontext Sets a subcontext within the page. For example, a SVN checklist could have a "#!subcontext SVN" to differentiate it from other forms on the page.
default 0.1+ operation Specifies the default operation in [tf:args] blocks. Defaults to "checkbox"
track_fields 0.1+ [yes|no] If no argument given or yes, keep track of field changes in this form. Defaults to false (no field changes tracked). This affects [tf.who] and [tf.when]
submit_label 0.1+ label Set the label to use for the submit button at the end of the form. The default is "Submit Form"
setenv 0.1+ name value Set the name to value in the form's environment (or any subforms therein).

TracForm Operations

Within the TracForm, you can use the following commands with [tf.OP:arg...] blocks:

Operation Version Argument(s) Meaning
tf.checkbox 0.1+ name [value] Put an HTML checkbox here. Use value only if specified (on is default). 0.1+ name value Put an HTML checkbox here. Use the name and value pair together.
tf.input 0.1+ name default Put an HTML form input field here.
tf.who 0.1+ name Show which user most recently affected the specified field. This requires track_fields to be set in the commands section.
tf.when 0.1+ name [strftime format string] Show when the most change was made on the specified field. This requires track_fields to be set in the commands section.
tf.form_updater 0.1+ Show the most recent updater of the form itself.
tf.form_updated_on 0.1+ [strftime format string] Show when the form was most recently updated.

TracForm Arguments

Each arguments listed above are either:

  • Separated by whitespace. Example: #!setenv VAR VALUE
  • Quoted with double-quotes. Example: #!submit_label "Hello World"
  • Quoted with single-quotes. Example: [tf.input:'Big Text']

TracForm Environment

Using the #!setenv command above, you can retrieve previously defined elements with %NAME% (case insensitive). Other environment variables are also defined by the system:

Variable Version Meaning
%USER% 0.1+ The currently active user.
%NOW% 0.1+ The current date and time.

All substitutions may be applied to any argument within #! command or [tf:] operation sections.