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     1= Trac Google Ads Plugin =
     5Previously known as `Trac Ads Panel`_, TracGoogleAds_ is a trac_ plugin designed
     6to display ads on your trac_ environment.
     8The main feature of the plugin is that it allows the user to persistently_
     9hide the ads, making your trac_ environment less annoying to those who
     10dislike ads and supporting open-source projects through them.
     12*Plugin has been renamed and package hierarchy has changed to join*
     13`other trac plugins`_ *that addressed* Google_ *services.*
     17Installing the plugin is as easy as::
     19  sudo easy_install TracGoogleAds
     21And then enabling it:
     23.. code-block:: ini
     25  [components]
     26* = enabled
     28And that's it!
     30Now, all you have to do is to go to the administration and under **Google**
     31you have a **Ads** link to setup the plugin.
     33Bugs and/or New Features
     36Please submit bugs of new features to::
     41Source Code
     44If you wish to be on the bleeding edge and get the latest available code:
     46.. code-block:: sh
     48  hg clone TracGoogleAds
     51**Note**: For up-to-date documentation please visit TracGoogleAds_'s site.
     55.. [persistently] *The user choice of hiding the ads will remain untouched
     56                  throughout it's later visits, and he'll still have the
     57                  choice to display them again*.
     59.. _trac:
     60.. _TracGoogleAds:
     61.. _other trac plugins:
     62.. _Google:
     63.. _Trac Ads Panel: