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link to authoritative guide for development env setup

Information for Trac Hack Developers


The TracHacks Subversion repository is at

Each hack has its own top-level path, with sub-directories underneath each directory for each release the hack is available for. eg.

When a NewHack is registered, the developer is given write access to the entire path underneath their hack, so these are just default directory layouts.

TracHacks has the trac-post-commit-hook installed, so you can use the handy closes #x, etc. when committing changes to the repository.


If you have any issues with TracHacks, check the existing tickets, then create a ticket.

If all else fails, contact me.


TracHacks uses a couple of metatags when creating new hacks; release and type.

If a tag page (eg. macro) is itself tagged with one of the meta-tags, it will be included as an option in NewHack.

Please don't abuse this.

Additionally, any tag whose tag page is itself tagged with metatag will be excluded from the NewHack list of additional tags. That's quite a confusing sentence, so just take a look at type for an example.

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