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Trac Hacks


TracHacks is maintained by Alec Thomas.

SVN Access

If you want to allow others to write to your repository, send me a mail and I will arrange it.


If you have any issues with TracHacks, check the existing tickets, then create a ticket.


Thanks to Edgewall Software for creating Trac, the whole Trac team for continuing the development and particularly Christopher Lenz and Rede for helping variously with the testing, design, layout and testing of the site and repository.




  • Upgraded to version 0.9b2
  • In order to future proof TracHacks I have replaced all references to trunk with 0.9? and stable with 0.8?, in both Trac and SVN. This means that deep external references to SVN will no longer be correct.
  • TracHacks is now using the mighty AccountManagerPlugin, courtesy of mgood.
  • Check out the WikiStart, thanks to Muness.


  • Commits to the repository will now be automatically prefixed with the name of the hack being committed to.


  • Added alpha and beta tags.
  • Added ability to delete/replace attachments owned by you (the attachment list doesn't show up at the moment, but you can still reference them - I need to fix this).


  • Added an unsupported tag.
  • NewHack now lets you do everything except hack creation when unauthenticated.


  • Sent mail to Trac mailing list announcing the existence of TracHacks.