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Free-up otaku42 from handing these requests directly.

Trac Hacks


TracHacks is maintained by hasienda, jun66j5, osimons, rjollos and otaku42. TracHacks was previously maintained by coderanger and athomas.

SVN Access

If you want to allow others to write to your repository, please open a ticket.


If you have any issues with TracHacks, check the existing tickets, then create a ticket.

Lifecycle of Hacks

Hacks can be created, adopted if they are no longer maintained, and may eventually be [DeprecatingHacks deprecated].

Searching the Repository

Note: Repository search is currently disabled, but may be restored in a future version of trac-hacks.

It is possible to search the TracHacks source repository using the RepoSearchPlugin. You must be authenticated to use this feature and it is configured with the following settings:

include = *.py:*.cs:*.txt:*.html:*/README:*/ChangeLog
exclude = /tracfrenchtranslation/*

The tracfrenchtranslation is explicitly excluded because it is an entire copy of the Trac source :)


Thanks to Edgewall Software for creating Trac, the whole Trac team for continuing the development and particularly Christopher Lenz and Rede for helping variously with the testing, design, layout and testing of the site and repository.