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    5050=== Adding Hours with the Ticket Sidebar ===
     52The [source:trachoursplugin/0.11/trachours/ TracHoursSidebarProvider] component adds a sidebar for on existing tickets for convenient posting of hours:
    5254[[Image(TracHoursPlugin:hours-ticket-sidebar.png, border=1)]]
     56The TicketSidebarProviderPlugin will additionally have to be installed and enabled for the sidebar element to appear.  It will also only show up if you have the `TICKET_ADD_HOURS` permission.
     58When adding hours via the sidebar, they will be logged as the currently authenticated user at the time that the form is submitted.  Comments will not be made.
    5461=== Adding Hours via Comments ===
     63The [source:trachoursplguin/0.11/trachours/ TracHoursByComment] component allows addition of hours by commenting on a ticket.  Comments containing snippets like `5 hours`, `1 hour`, `3.7 hours`, or `0:30 hours` will be recorded for the ticket when the comment is submitted if the commenter has the `TICKET_ADD_HOURS` permission (otherwise, they will go unrecorded).  The comments will also be logged to !TracHours' database and may be viewed additionally in `/hours/<ticket number>`, which should be linked to by the comment.
     65In addition to being able to log hours by comments through the web, `TracHoursByComments` also plays nicely with other methods of annotating tickets:
     66 * hours may be added via replies to ticket emails using the MailToTracPlugin.  Make sure that you have `TracHoursByComment` in your `[mail]` handlers for the link to be properly marked up:
     69handlers = RemoveQuotes, TracHoursByComment, ReplyToTicket, EmailToTicket
     71 * hours may be added via an svn post-commit hook, at least the one in RepositoryHookSystemPlugin.  Make sure you include a ticket reference:
     73svn ci -m 'add footnote, took 2 hours ; refs #6'
    5676'''<- TracHoursPlugin wiki page'''