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    1 = Track hours spent on tickets =
     1= track hours spent on tickets =
    3 [[Include(source:trachoursplugin/0.11/README.txt, text/x-trac-wiki)]]
     5The goal of this plugin is to help keep trac of hours worked on
     8== Goals of TracHoursPlugin ==
     10TracHoursPlugin is done in response to
     11[ TimingAndEstimationPlugin], but tailored to suit present needs:
     13 * Instead of adding hours via the comment system, there is a separate
     14  view for hours:
     16   - `/hours` is a management view.  This view displays the hours for all
     17   tickets for the last week (by default) in a way that combines the
     18   query interface for querying tickets and the timeline display for
     19   hours on the tickets in the time period.
     21   - query filters are available to find hours for people, hours for
     22   tickets of a certain component, etc;
     24   - a view for `/hours/<ticket number>`;  this displays the accrued hours
     25   for a particular ticket with a timeline-like view, but should also
     26   allow adding of new hours (by default, on "today", but this should
     27   be changeable via dropdown menus for day, month, year, etc),
     28   editing previously entered hours (amount, date, description) and
     29   deleting previously alloted hours
     31   - the view at `/hours/<ticket number>` by default will only display
     32   the hours on the ticket.  If you have the TICKET_ADD_HOURS
     33   permission, this view allows adding/editing
     34   of one's own hours on the ticket If you are a
     35   TRAC_ADMIN, you should be able to add/edit/delete others' hours as well
     37   - the default query period is the last seven days
     39 * Hours are uniquely assigned to tickets and people (required fields)
     41 * hours may have a description, which should be displayed in the
     42  applicable views;  if a description is provided, the hours and
     43  description are logged to ticket comments
     45 * `/ticket/<number>` has a link to `/hours/<number>` as the total
     46  hours field so that a user can add and view hours for the ticket
     48Hour tracking and estimation is most useful when the following questions can be answered:
     50 * How much time has been spent on a project?
     51 * How much time remains in a budget (estimate for a project)?
     52 * How much time have we committed to for the next time period ?
     53 * How much time is a developer committed to over the next time period?
     55If we put hour estimates on tickets, assign tickets to people, associate
     56tickets with milestones, and give milestones due dates, a good time
     57tracking plugin could generate reports to answer those questions.
     59For other trac time-tracking solutions, see
     62== Components ==
     64=== Multiproject Hours ===
     66The TracHoursPlugin exports RSS from the `/hours` handler.  This has
     67been utilized in consumption to provide hours reports across projects
     68sharing the same parent directory.  If {{{trachours.multiproject}}} is
     69enabled, then `/hours/multiproject` will become a handler front-ending
     70hours reports throughout the project and a link to this will appear on
     71the `/hours` page to `/hours/multiproject`.
     73The multiproject report breaks down hours by project and worker giving
     74row and column totals.  If there are no hours for a project then that
     75project will not be shown.
    779== Installing and Enabling !TracHours ==
    9 !TracHours is enabled like any other trac plugin:
     81TracHoursPlugin is enabled like any other trac plugin:
    1183 * download and install the plugin; see plugin installation instructions at
    2496The TracHoursPlugin requires python at least 2.4
    2699== How to Use !TracHours ==
    28101See the TracHoursHowto
    30104== Bugs/Feature Requests ==