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trac.ini Editor Panel

This is an external plugin. Please don't report any tickets here. See below for more information.


This plugin allow the trac admin to edit the trac.ini file using Trac's admin interface. Its goal is to provide the user with a complete and user-friendly interface. The following features are provided:

  • Edit and/or view one section at a time or all sections together.
  • Each option comes with a lot of information (such as description, option type, stored value, default value).
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript support; i.e. the editor works without JavaScript but the user experience is better with JavaScript enabled in the browser.
  • Adding new sections and options (section entries)
  • Support for a security manager. This manager controls which options can be modified by the user and can also reject certain values for certain options. This plugin comes with an (optional) basic security manager (see below).
  • Support for marking options as "password" (e.g. for [notification]:smtp_password) for enhanced security. Some options are already marked as "password" by default.

Note: A comparison to the IniAdminPlugin can be found here

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Source and Tickets

You'll find all information about this plug-in here. Please file tickets only there.


Maintainer: Sebastian Krysmanski

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