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    2727`[[TracJSGanttChart(milestone=Test)]]` displays all the tickets in the Test milestone.  `[[TracJSGanttChart(sample=1)]]` displays the sample project from
     31== Configuration ==
     33Trac-jsGantt is intended to be flexible enough to get data from various plugins by configuring the field names for those plugins in `trac.ini`.  It is known to work with TimingAndEstimationPlugin (for estimated and total hours), MasterTicketsPlugin (for FS dependencies), and [ Subtickets] for parent/child relationships.  Custom fields for start and finish date are also supported.
     35Tasks are colored based on ticket priority consistent with the colors used in Trac reports.
     37Your `trac.ini` may include:
     41fields.estimate = estimatedhours
     42fields.worked = totalhours
     43fields.pred = blockedby
     44fields.succ = blocking
     45fields.parent = parents
     46fields.start = userstart
     47fields.finish = userfinish
     48date_format = %Y-%m-%d
     49milestone_type = milestone
     52All of the `fields.*` items name custom fields which may contain data for the Gantt.
     54When `estimate` and `worked` are both configured, the plugin attempts to display (100 * worked/estimate) as the percent complete.  The example works with TimingAndEstimationPlugin.  Alternatively, if `percent` is configured, the plugin attempts to display it as the percent complete (it should be a number from 0 to 100).  If none of those are configured, all tasks will be marked as 0% complete.
     56When `pred` and `succ` are configured the plugin uses them to determine the task dependencies.  The example works with MasterTickets plugin.  If these fields are not configured, no dependencies are shown.
     58When `parent` is configured, it is the field which holds the parent ticket number.  The example works with Subtickets.  If this field is not configured, no parent/child relationship will be displayed.  If it is configured, the Gantt can be collapsed by the user to show or hide subtasks.
     60When `start` and `finish` are configured, the plugin uses them to set task start and finish dates.  The `date_format` field is a Python `strptime()` format specifier which describes the contents of `start` and `finish`.  If these fields are not configured, all tasks end today and have a 1-day duration.
     62The `milestone_type` may be used to have a custom ticket type show up as milestones on the chart.  If this field is not specified, only Trac milestones are displayed as milestones.
     64== Arguments ==
     66The chart display can be controlled with a number of macro arguments:
     68 * format - Initial display format: day (default), week, month, or quarter
     69 * sample - Display sample tasks (1) or not (0; default)
     70 * res - Show resource column (1; default) or not (0)
     71 * dur - Show duration colunn (1; default) or not (0)
     72 * comp - Show percent complete column (1; default) or not (0)
     73 * caption - Caption to place to right of tasks: None, Caption, Resource (default), Duration, %Complete
     74 * startDate - Show start date column (1; default) or not (0)
     75 * endDate - Show end date column (1; default) or not (0)
     76 * dateDisplay - Date display format: 'mm/dd/yyyy' (default), 'dd/mm/yyyy', or 'yyyy-mm-dd'
     77 * openLevel - Number of levels of tasks to show.  1 = only top level task.  999 is the default.
     79All other macro arguments are treated as TracQuery specification (e.g., milestone=MS1|MS2) to control which tickets are displayed.
     81== Known issues ==
     83 1. Ticket status and type are not displayed.
     85== Planned enhancements ==
     87 1. Allow coloring of tasks by severity, milestone, or owner.
     88 1. Allow configuration of default task duration.
    3090== Recent Changes ==