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    33 == Download and Source ==
     33== Installation and Setup ==
    3535Download the [download:traclegosscript zipped source], check out [/svn/traclegosscript using Subversion], or [source:traclegosscript browse the source] with Trac.
     37Installation is done in the typical python manner.  Once you have downloaded the source, run {{{python install}}} for installation into python's site packages or {{{python develop}}} to install with edittable source.
     39=== Installation of Example Template ===
     41TracLegosScript also comes with an existing template:  source:traclegosscript/anyrelease/example/topp, which is an example of the kind of template used at [ The Open Planning Project].  To install this template, run {{{python install}}} or {{{python develop}}} from this directory.  This [ PasteScript template] can be seen in the output of `paster create --list-templates`:
     44(TracLegos)> paster create --list-templates
     45Available templates:
     46  basic_package:      A basic setuptools-enabled package
     47  paste_deploy:       A web application deployed through paste.deploy
     48  topp_trac_project:  The Open Planning Project Trac Template
     49  trac_project:       templatize configuration for a trac project
     52=== Setup of WebOb View for Project Creation ===
     54!TracLegos includes a [ paste] webapp that serves existing projects (delegating to trac) and also allows creating new projects.  In order to use this view, you must have at least one template installed, so first install the example template as described above.  Once the {{{topp_trac_template}}} (or any other template) is installed, you should be all set to run the webapp by running {{{paster serve development.ini}}} from the top-level directory of your copy of the !TracLegos source (source:traclegosscript/anyrelease/development.ini).
     56Point your browser at and you should be all set with a bare-bones web-based trac project creator.
     58=== Turning an Existing {{{trac.ini}}} File into a Template ===
    3762== Example ==