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TracLegos Templates

TracLegos is designed to be a templating engine for Trac projects. More than one template can be specified in which case the templates are applied in order -- that is, latter templates override trac.ini values from earlier templates.


The image shows an example of the application of three templates to create a Trac project. The first template applied, OSS Trac Project, is a skeleton for a trac project. The second template is a (hypothetical) template that applies configuration for Plugin 'A'. This illustrates the value of allowing arbitrary configuration -- a template can be as specific or as general as needed (that is, any portion of the trac.ini may be contained in the template). Both of these templates are generic -- they contain configuration that is agnostic to a specific site or organization. This generic configuration is augmented by the Site Configuration, which contains parameters specific to the site and organization. Any number of these can be applied.

The templates are implied in order, values from latter templates overwriting earlier ones. From the aggregated configuration, a trac project is made using supplied variables