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    1313   * '''Would it be useful if you can look at statsvn results from Trac?'''  I could make a link to statsvn results and display it inside Trac.  But this will require user to run statsvn and put it where the plugin can read.  I could be in /projenv/cache/TracMetrixPlugin/statsvn.  Something along this line.  This could be done rather sooner than reengineering the statsvn.
    1414   * Before writing the code for statsvn in python, I would try to see if I can use Jython to use statsvn's classes.  I am not sure yet if this will work.
     15 * 09/12: joeln: Neat stuff!!! BTW, I successfully managed to integrate StatSVN on our Trac by without too much heartache by just symlinking from the htdoc to the StatSVN directory.  StatSVN itself is on cron. I have the cron shell script do an imagemagick convert to resize the chart PNGs to something smaller (384 px wide on our trac) after compiling the StatSVN stats.  Including the charts was then just a simple matter of doing ![[Image(htdocs/statsvn/activity_thmb.png)]] for example.  activity_thmb.png is the downscaled image from activity.png.  It's a shame I can't test out your stuff though since our project is on 0.10.4... :(
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