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Please feel free to add any idea or that that you need that is in the scope of the plugin. I will create the user story for the features are well discussed and implement them.

New Features

Please provide suggestion on things you want to see this plugin provides. We can elaborate it before making it a ticket.

  • 08/23: chrisg: Love the idea. Seems like there are several dimensions of stats:
    • per milestone
    • per project
    • per custom field
  • 08/23: chrisg: Might be neat to pull svn repo stats into this as well. Pull LOC and other stats from something like this:
  • 09/02: khundeen: Thanks chrisg for droping a nice idea. I have thought about that but to make the plugin does what statsvn can would take a while. I plan to do that as new feature for next release. I first have to look into the Trac Browser module. Anyway I have a few questions.
    • Would it be useful if you can look at statsvn results from Trac? I could make a link to statsvn results and display it inside Trac. But this will require user to run statsvn and put it where the plugin can read. I could be in /projenv/cache/TracMetrixPlugin/statsvn. Something along this line. This could be done rather sooner than reengineering the statsvn.
    • Before writing the code for statsvn in python, I would try to see if I can use Jython to use statsvn's classes. I am not sure yet if this will work.
  • 09/12: joeln: Neat stuff!!! BTW, I successfully managed to integrate StatSVN on our Trac by without too much heartache by just symlinking from the htdoc to the StatSVN directory. StatSVN itself is on cron. I have the cron shell script do an imagemagick convert to resize the chart PNGs to something smaller (384 px wide on our trac) after compiling the StatSVN stats. Including the charts was then just a simple matter of doing [[Image(htdocs/statsvn/activity_thmb.png)]] for example. activity_thmb.png is the downscaled image from activity.png. It's a shame I can't test out your stuff though since our project is on 0.10.4... :(
    • 1/21: ChrisGreacen: I ended up doing what joeln mentions. Cron'd statsvn, dump reports in the webserver's path, then linked to the reports. I just want to surface that info on the milestone templates. I too am still on the 0.10 branch for now. I'll get this upgraded and drop some more thoughts onto these pages.
  • 09/12: khundeen: Thanks joeln. If you could put some nice instruction on how to do that it would be great. perhaps at TracStatSvnIntegration I will put the link to it on my plugin. I think it might be good way to do it instead of writing the plugin to do what StatSVN already does. I will make sure that this plugin is stable by the time Trac 0.11 is released.
  • 2008/01/20: Bill Meyer: Hi. Thanks it looks very neat...

1) How about definable date for the metrix - Start date - End Date 2) Select filter Keywords / Tags / definable fields (drill down into statistics) 3) Stats per user Looks very good at the moment - great work!

  • 2008/01/22: Great idea guys. Would love to see this.
    • Abstract data collection, support for: subversion, mercurial, etc (not just subversion).
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I know that the plugin is far from perfect please feel free to provide any feedback to improve the current features.

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Please check for existing bugs before filing a new ticket.