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Requirement for TracMetrixPlugin

Welcome to the requirement section of TracMetrixPlugin. This page is intended to as the first place for the community to provide the idea and feedback on features that will be supported by the TracMetrixPlugin. Please feel free to add any comment in the Comment&Feedback section of this page. You can also email to khundeen with any suggestion.


The TracMetrixPlugin will provide quantitative information that can be automatically gathered from the Trac and SVN repository in order to support the project management and development. The primary focus is to provide management with simple but useful metrics to assist the project planning activity. I also like to get feed back from Agile community. I plan to provide the Agile metrics suggested by David Anderson's book on Agile Management.

Software Metrics

Project Progress Metrics

Software Quality Metrics

  1. Number of ticket by status by milestone
  2. Code metrics such as size and complexity

Open Source Tools

Comment & Feedback

Please feel free to add any idea or that that you need that is in the scope of the plugin. I will create the user story for the features are well discussed and implement them.

  • Love the idea. Seems like there are several dimensions of stats:
    • per milestone
    • per project
    • per custom field
  • Might be neat to pull svn repo stats into this as well. Pull LOC and other stats from something like this:

Dwell Times

I'd love to have a report that can return the dwell times for tickets in each status (or owner) for a given milestone/component.

The specific form of this report would be;

  • Min/Max/Average/Count/Sum of Open Time, by any criteria/grouping/sort
  • Min/Max/Average/Count/Sum of Assigned time, by any criteria/grouping/sort

The generic form of this report would be;

  • Min/Max/Average/Count/Sum of a column/field, by any criteria/grouping/sort

The criteria, grouping or sorting to be by owner, creator, milestone, component, priority, severity, custom field etc. Each can be specified individually, collectively, or in combination (much like SQL).

  • Output to be data table or chart.