Notify users about tickets using desktop post-its


The trac.noty scripts were written after a suggestion made by Alex Miranda, a co-worker, to make sure every single person in the office wouldn't ever forget about their open tickets. If you don't like them popping up in your screen, then close them all in a row.

You can get a list of each user's active tickets then pop-up them all in their respective desktop screens (provided they use KDE's Knotes). It's quite useful in a LAN environment and supports both RSS and CSV report formats. New parsers are easy to create.

It comes with a SSH keys configurator too, in case you don't know how to set this up manually.

Command line (value in minutes to sleep between fetching and displaying; default is 30):

./trac.noty 60


Checkout my personal SVN repository by running:

svn co


Both users options and trac.noty configuration are ':' separated files. Sample syntax for noty.conf:

     # trac stuff and ^spaces

# authentication user

auth_pass=noty # user password and yes, you can comment in here

Sample syntax for noty.users.conf:

  # sample syntax for trac.noty configuration (separated by ':')
 # <trac user>:<remote user>:<address>:<port>:<enabled>

jonas:  jonas:             10.1.1.x:22:   yes
alex:alex:10.1.1.x:2020:no # we need to activate this user


Author: Caio Begotti (caio1982)
Maintainer: Caio Begotti (caio1982)

Last modified 15 months ago Last modified on Jun 9, 2015, 3:48:39 PM