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     1= Trac On TWiki Contrib =
     3== Description ==
     5TWiki has been a long standing wiki champion in the industry, whilst Trac has proven to be a widely adopted software project management tool. Both have strengths and weaknesses to which this Contrib integrates the best of both worlds!
     7This Contrib adds to Trac's database (and keeps up to date) the username and email address of TWiki users, and enables Trac to use the login functionality of TWiki. Thus a user that is logged into TWiki is automatically logged into Trac. TWiki users in %USERWEB%.TWikiAdminGroup will automatically have administration privileges (TRAC_ADMIN) in Trac.
     9TWiki:Plugins.PatternSkin, TWiki:Plugins.NatSkin, and TWiki:Plugins.MoveableTypeSkin, are also ported to Trac for seamless UI integration.
     13== Bugs/Feature Requests ==
     15Existing bugs and feature requests for TracOnTwikiContribIntegration are
     16[report:9?COMPONENT=TracOnTwikiContribIntegration here].
     18If you have any issues, create a
     19[ new ticket].
     21== Download ==
     23Download the zipped source from [download:tracontwikicontribintegration here].
     25== Source ==
     27You can check out TracOnTwikiContribIntegration from [ here] using Subversion, or [source:tracontwikicontribintegration browse the source] with Trac.
     29== Example ==
     31see for more.
     33== Recent Changes ==
     35[[ChangeLog(tracontwikicontribintegration, 3)]]
     37== Author/Contributors ==
     39'''Author:''' [wiki:SvenDowideit] [[BR]]