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    1111The plugin allows a group of users to be defined by trac username and !SlimTimer login providing some basic group sharing of !SlimTimer tasks.
     13There are two parts to its operation: synchronisation and reporting.
     15=== Synchronisation ===
     17When a trac ticket enters the ''assigned'' state (i.e. it is ''accepted'' by someone), !TracSlimTimer creates a corresponding task in SlimTimer. The ID of the SlimTimer task is then recorded with the trac ticket (as a custom field).
     19The operation is shown below.
     23More generally, synchronisation occurs when:
     25 * a ticket is assigned. Note that it is not just sufficient to put a name in the "assigned to" field. The assigned person also needs to ''accept'' the ticket before it enters the assigned state. Until then the ticket is in the "new" state.
     26 * a ticket is closed.
     27 * a ticket is reopened.
     28 * a ticket is deleted.
     29 * any of the following fields is changed while the ticket is in the ''assigned'' or ''reopened'' state:
     30   * summary,
     31   * keywords,
     32   * milestone,
     33   * CC
     35The following synchronisation is performed:
     37 * When tickets are assigned or reopened a corresponding task in !SlimTimer is created if it does not already exist.
     38 * When a !SlimTimer task is created the !SlimTimer ID is stored in a custom field of the trac ticket.
     39 * When a ticket is closed in trac the corresponding task is marked as complete in !SlimTimer.
     40 * When a ticket is reopened in trac the corresponding task is marked as incomplete in !SlimTimer.
     41 * When a ticket is deleted in trac the corresponding task is marked as complete in !SlimTimer.
     42 * The name of the !SlimTimer task is composed of the trac ticket ID followed by the trac summary, e.g. " #40: Plan & co-ordinate 0.4 release"
     43 * The tags of the !SlimTimer task will include the trac milestone and keywords.
     44 * The coworkers of the !SlimTimer task will include all the users configured in the !TracSlimTimer module who have the "default CC/coworker" property selected and any users listed in trac's CC field.
     45 * The total hours recorded in !SlimTimer are stored in the trac ticket using the custom field 'totalhours' (for compatibility with the TimingAndEstimationPlugin)
     47=== Reporting ===
     49The second function of !TracSlimTimer is to collect all the SlimTimer data for the configured users and record it in a separate data store. This provides a backup of the SlimTimer data and allows reporting for a whole group of users.
     51The operation is shown below.
     55Currently only MySQL is supported as a database. From MySQL the user can perform their own reporting (e.g. using Excel via MyODBC or some web-reporting tool.)
     57Not all users will require this function and it is possible to operate !TracSlimTimer without a database.
    1359== Supported versions ==
     61This plugin will currently only work with trac 0.10. This is because:
     63 * !ITicketChangeListener is used so it will not work with 0.9
     64 * Only !ClearSilver templates are provided so it will not work with Genshi.
     66Some of the code has been written so that it might just work with 0.11 and Genshi if the templates were provided. For example, there is code in [source:tracslimtimerplugin/0.10/tracslimtimer/] to use the alternate !IAdminPageProvider vs !IAdminPageProvider templates but it is entirely untested.
    1568== Installation ==