Trac SlimTimer Plugin - Developers guide

This page describes the code for the TracSlimTimerPlugin.

The pertinent files for the the synchronisation part of the module are as follows:

  • — Needs to import any trac Components so they are correctly loaded.
  • — The steps for upgrading (setting-up) the environment for the plugin.
  • — The administration panels.
  • — A Python API to SlimTimer.
  • — The listener for ticket change events.
  • — A user registry class.

There is also a separate folder for unit tests that should be run against any changes to the code.

For the reporting module the most important file is the strangely named This is the entry point to the reporting. It should be executable from the command line (may need a chmod +x

Notice that the first line of the file is:


This should cause the script to run with Trac's Python rather than any other version of Python installed on the system.

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