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Spanish translation of Trac / Traduccion al espanol de Trac


Esta wiki, no acepta algunos caracteres como acentos, ni modo :-(

This hack consists in the spanish translation of Trac user visible components.

It's planned scope, is to realize the translation of following versions:

Trac will support internationalization in Milestone 0.12.

Artifacts to be translated include:

  • wiki-default
  • templates
  • Trac engine

It will be based and inspired on work previously realized and kindly contributed.

For comments about it, post in the following thread:

Important Note About 0.11 Spanish Translation

Edgewall has created Babel on 05/29/2007:

A collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications

Trac l10n/i18n will be powered by this new project.

Due to this, I'm not longer planning to realize translation of 0.11 until I internalize myself about this.

If you are curious about this, take a look at


  • wiki:TracTermsEs - Spanish translation of some Trac Terms.
  • wiki:TracL10N - Propose and discuss Trac changes to support localization (previous contributions as attachments).
  • Trac on Edgewall, spanish translation related tickets:

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for TracSpanishTranslation are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Download the zipped source from [download:tracspanishtranslation here].


You can check out TracSpanishTranslation from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.

Patches for Trac releases

As for now, patches are not provided for Trac releases ( 0.10.4 , , 0.10.3, 0.10.2, 0.10.1 , 0.10 ...).

Only one exception, patch for 0.10.4 is planned due to ticket:1719:2.

Giving a try (0.10.5dev)

Current patch, works against Trac 0.10.5dev r5961 (changes in 0.10-stable branch up to rev5855)

Trac engine and ClearSilver templates (0.10.5dev)

Download patches from [download:tracspanishtranslation here] and apply them, be aware to use patches for a corresponding Trac revision (see log messages of provided patches). If patch fails for latest 0.10-stable, maybe its out of date, create a ticket pointing which Trac revision you used.

Default Wiki Pages (0.10.5dev)

Download and replace Trac provided files, usually in /usr/share/trac/templates TODO.

Patch Procedure (0.10.5dev)

As for now, patches are not targeted against Trac releases, instead you must get a working copy of Trac 0.10-stable branch, get the patches (corresponding to a Trac range of revisions) and apply patches:

  • Get a working copy of Trac 0.10-stable branch, for example:
    $ mkdir ~/tmp
    $ mkdir ~/tmp/0.10-stable
    $ svn co ~/tmp/0.10-stable
  • Get patches, for example:
    $ mkdir ~/tmp/0.10-stable-es-patches
    $ svn co ~/tmp/0.10-stable-es-patches
    • Alternatively, download patches from [download:tracspanishtranslation here], unzip patches and apply patches, modify next secion as needed
  • Apply patches witch patch command:
    $ cd ~/tmp/0.10-stable
    $ patch -p0 -f < ../0.10-stable-es-patches/patchs/trac-spanish-python_utf-8.diff
    $ patch -p0 -f < ../0.10-stable-es-patches/patchs/trac-spanish-templates_utf-8.diff

Recent Changes

2594 by jmt4b04d4v on 2007-08-26 04:47:41

closes #1915: 'trac-admin TRACENV upgrade' failed in patched trac-0.10.5dev

  • Undo translation of $TRACSRC/trac/scripts/ script and related test.
2576 by jmt4b04d4v on 2007-08-18 00:03:38


closes #1926 : Summary and Description fields in reports are broken, well sort of. Report 8 is broken

  • Restored summary and description fields in reports.
2574 by jmt4b04d4v on 2007-08-17 21:26:51


closes #1928 : Include TrueHttpLogoutPatch in provided patches

  • Added patch section including TrueHttpLogoutPatch for 0.10.x.
  • Sync with Trac 0.10-stable rev. 5935


If I may, it's not a good idea to translate the various log(...) messages.
Imagine that you get in trouble and trigger a Trac bug (unlikely, but not impossible :-) ).
Then we ask for the log to understand what happened and ... we get in trouble!
-- cboos

You're right, created #1691 for tracking this issue, thanks.

  • #1691 - Translation of log(...) messages may be a bad idea (CLOSED-fixed).
  • #1719 - Encoding trouble (CLOSED-fixed).
  • #1915 - 'trac-admin TRACENV upgrade' failed in patched trac-0.10.5dev (CLOSED-fixed)
  • #1926 - Summary and Description fields in reports are broken, well sort of. Report 8 is broken (CLOSED-fixed)
  • #1927 - Some wiki pages (default ones) are broken (don't render correctly)
  • #1928 - Include TrueHttpLogoutPatch in provided patches (CLOSED-fixed)


Author: jmt4b04d4v