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Project statistics (code, wiki, and tickets) plugin


The TracStatsPlugin adds a Stats tab to the trac project. Underneath this tab can be found statistics about subversion, wiki, and ticket system.

Some features include:

  • Recent activity (last 30 days) showing top 10 developers, projects, and paths within the repository.
  • Detailed statistics of source code development:
    • Total files by time
    • Commits by time, author, month, day of week, hour of day
    • Recent commits
    • Activity by time, author, project, filetype, change type
    • Most active paths, files
    • Commit cloud (built from checkin comments)
  • Detailed statistics of Trac wiki pages:
    • Total pages by time
    • Edits by author
    • Latest wiki pages changed
    • Most active wiki pages
    • Largest wiki pages
  • Detailed statistics of Trac tickets:
    • Open tickets by time
    • Tickets by author, component
    • Most active tickets
    • Oldest open tickets
    • Latest tickets reported, changed
  • Drill down by author or path within the repository for more information.
  • Works with SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL database backends.

You can install it with:

$ easy_install tracstats


See GitHub for more details and the source code, or to report issues or request features.


It is configured in the trac.ini file by enabling the plugin:

tracstats.* = enabled

The STATS_VIEW permission is used to control access to the statistics pages.


Some screenshots from a recent export of the Trac repository, showing a few of the features:


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