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    3434'''Maintainer:''' [wiki:Streamweaver] [[BR]]
     37== General Documentation ==
     39From the README.TXT
     41This plug-in aims to provide some very simple support for story point estimation and tracking.
     43This plugin adds the following fields to Trac Tickets by adding them to the trac.ini file for the site.
     47Storypoints - Dropdown field listing story point values.  The values used
     48              can be customized in the sites trac.ini file if needed.
     49              field name: storypoints
     51Date Completed - A text field to enter the date a ticked is completed.
     52                 Format must be mm/dd/YYYY.  See notes below for adding
     53                 a plugin for a calander widget to this field.
     54                 fieldname: completed
     56User Story - A text field to enter in a keyword to associate this with a
     57             particular user story.
     58             fieldname: userstory
     62This plugin deactivates the legacy trac reports system in favor of the new
     63ticket query system.  This allows custom querying of tickets and ticket fields
     64so the additional ticket fields can be easily displayed.
     66See for more Information on
     67Trac Reports versus Trac Query module.
     71This plugin provides improved Trac Ticket Query Wiki Macros as well as additional
     72formats for the query.   It it important to understand this behaves just like
     73normal Track Ticket Queries with some additional options.
     75For More information o Trac Ticket Query Wiki Macros see
     78To use the expanded TICKET QUERY macros use SpTicketQuery instead of TickeyQuery
     82In standard TicketQuery macros you can add additional column to table format by
     83specifying a col attribute.  This plugin extends that to list format as well,
     84appending additional fields as annotations at the end of the summary.
     86For example:
     89[[SpTicketQuery(milestone=User Dashboard, format=list,col=id|summary|storypoints|completed)]]
     93SpTicketQuery also provides several new formats for the ticket query, related to
     94story point reporting.
     96These additional formats are:
     98* format=total - Returns the total story points for all tickets in the query.
     100* format=completed - Returns the total story points of all closed tickets in a query.
     102* format=remaining - Returns the total story points of all non-closed tickets in a query.
     104* format=storypoints - Returns a string summarizing total, completed and remaining story
     105                       points for all tickets in a query.
     106                       example: 16.0 Total Story Points with 13.0 Completed and 3.0 Remaining.
     110Trac plugins are installed as python eggs and this plugin requires no special
     111installation. See for more
     114In a nutshell just upload and activate the python egg via your trac sites
     115admin > plugins page.  Alternatively running easy_install on the egg file
     116to install the plugin and make it available for all sites in a trac multi-
     117site installation.
     119If you are installing from source just checkout the source and run
     120'python bdist_egg' to create an egg file.  You can locate the
     121resulting egg file from the output of the bdist buffer.
     125Decativate the plugin in the admin section for your individual site.  Then modify
     126site site trac.ini file to remove custom fileds added by the plugin under the
     127[ticket-custom] section.
     129The lines to remove should look something like this:
     130        completed = text
     131        completed.label = Date Completed
     132        completed.order = 9110
     133        storypoints = select
     134        storypoints.label = Storypoints
     135        storypoints.options = |0|0.5|1|2|3|5|8|13|21|34|55
     136        storypoints.order = 9100
     137        userstory = text
     138        userstory.label = User Story
     139        userstory.order = 9120
     143CalendarPopUpPlugin (
     145        Provides a convienent javascript calendar widget that lets you select dates for fields in
     146        trac.  This can be convienent for use in the completed date filed of trac tickets using
     147        the TracStoryPoint plugin.
     149        To configure this for use install it as usual and add the following lines to your sites
     150        trac.ini file:
     152        [calendarpopup]
     153        ids=field-completed=MM/dd/yyyy
     154        files=ticket.html