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New hack TracUserSyncPlugin, created by izzy

Synchronize User Account data between multiple Trac projects


To be used to synchronize user account data between multiple projects within the same TRAC_PARENT

<DIV STYLE="background: #fdc; border: 2px solid #d00; color: #500; padding: .5em; margin: 1em 0;"> <B STYLE="color:#f00">WARNING:</B> This plugin is at best an early beta. So take special care using it, especially in productive environments! </DIV>

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for TracUserSyncPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Download the zipped source from [download:tracusersyncplugin here].


You can check out TracUserSyncPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


Coming soon...

Recent Changes

7733 by izzy on 2010-02-26 07:03:06
fixed a typo and added some more exception handling (usersync crashed under some strange conditions)
6987 by izzy on 2009-11-01 18:15:44
! wrong defaults for excludes
6986 by izzy on 2009-11-01 18:14:38
+ added option to exclude environments form sync by default
! selection of environments was ignored


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