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    13= TracWiki WYSIWYG Editor Plugin =
     42== Review ==
     44By JasonWinnebeck:
     46I wanted to try to highlight the current state of this plugin as of r2732. This is a very promising plugin in Trac and sometimes it is hard to determine how far along plugins are in development. The short story is that it is about 80% of the way to being suitable for "production" use, and it is usable now if one is willing to stand small quirks or the occasional bug. I plan on using it to help "improve" Trac usage and team acceptance by users not used to wiki format.
     48Per the screenshots, all of the formatting is available. The biggest thing to note is that this plugin generates wiki code, not HTML or something else, so it will integrate with existing pages and work will with Trac's differences history, and installation is "revertible" in the sense that you can just opt to not use the editor if there are any problems.
     50I evaluated this primarily in Firefox 2, and a little in IE6 on Trac 0.10.5dev.
     52=== Features ===
     54 * Generation of "native" Trac wikitext
     55 * Supports heading 1-6, code block, quote format (slightly buggy on quote format)
     56 * Bold/italics/underline, hotkeys are supported
     57 * `teletype`, ^superscript^, ,,subscript,,, ~~strikethrough~~
     58 * hyperlinks, and automatic Trac link highlighting for CamelCase
     59 * List formatting, allows you to select and change list levels very easily, as in MS Word
     60 * '''Table Editor''' -- the plugin is almost worth getting just for this point alone, the table editor allows add/remove columns, rows, etc as well as wiki format inside of the cells.
     61 * Trac macros shown as normal text but expand when saved and viewed in wiki.
     62 * Formatted code blocks shown as normal text, but can be edited as a normal "code block".
     63 * I tested copy/paste in Firefox 2:
     64   * Paste into MS Word was tested and worked quite well (although links are pointing incorrectly)
     65   * Paste into editor from MS Word worked very well, but I tested only styles that Trac wiki can support like headings, lists, bold/italics, etc. However, pasting of tables ''into'' the editor is broken (#2141).
     67There are some bugs, a few mentioned above. The only real problem with the bugs is that sometimes the appearance is correct on the screen but the code generated is incorrect.
     69=== Summary ===
     71For someone who is already a good Trac user, the quirks are easy enough to recognize and the tool is still quite helpful. For new users, the current state is a toss-up on whether to use it directly or train the users on wiki formatting. For almost all basic edits it works well, but quirks on atypical cases or handling of newlines can be surprising to new users.
    4073== Recent Changes ==