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    3535'''Author:''' [wiki:tcoulter] [[BR]]
     39For Tim (to be removed soon!):
     41<coderanger> what are you _actually_ trying to do
     42<timathome> Create a plugin that looks at what sites are linking to tickets in an attempt to figure out "who's talking" about a specific ticket.
     43 That way, trac users can get a sense of how their bugs affect the community.
     44<coderanger> okay, so examine all incoming traffic, separate out anything internal, and build a list of the other links that is visible on the ticket form
     45 nifty, I like it :-)
     46<timathome> Yep. That's it. :)
     47<coderanger> hmm
     48<timathome> I've just started writing trac tickets. (I've edited one; this'll be my first).
     49 It's a lot easier than I expected.
     50<coderanger> plugins you mean
     51<timathome> Ah, ya. Sorry!
     52 :0
     53 :)
     54<coderanger> I would look at using urlparse (a standard module) to break down the referrer header and just compare the hostname to a list of "internal hostnames"
     55 probably keeping the whitelist in trac.ini
     56 (look at ListOption)
     57 unless you have "external" traffic thats just a different path on the same host
     58<timathome> Where would I find the ListOption class in the source? For some reason, I'm having trouble googling trac classes/interfaces.
     59--> hpnadig (n=hpnadig_@wikipedia/kn/HPNadig) has joined #trac
     60<coderanger> trac/
     61 it defines all the config descriptor classes
     62 our developer documentation is somewhat ... lacking
     63 in that I comprise most of it :P
     64<timathome> Nice. This'll work great.