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New hack TreeViewPlugin, created by simon

TreeView plugin



This plugin provides the ability to display a neat rendering of any hierarchical data structure such as a set of files within a file system, hosts on a network, or similar.


The plugin adds the following syntactic elements to the wiki processor:

+- --

+- is the token to begin a new tree or continue one in progress. Add entries with


  • is some separator character (e.g. / for directories, . for parts of

a domain name, or any other character except for whitespace) name is some unique identifier within the current tree, possibly containing further separators and names (nodes).

A tree's entries are ended with --. If -- is seen but the processor is not in 'capture tree nodes' mode, -- will be rendered as-is.


  • Attempts will be made by the plugin to disambiguate nodes following deterministic rules, so only the information necessary to uniquely identify a parent node need be provided when adding further nodes.
  • Nodes may be designated as 'terminal' or 'container'. Container nodes obviously contain further nodes, but otherwise-terminal nodes may be marked as containers for display purposes.
  • When a tree is displayed in a wiki page, entire sub-trees may be collapsed/ expanded as desired. The whole tree is considered a subtree, so the collapse/ expand rule applies just as well to it as to any other. (requires javascript)
  • Intermediate nodes are created on demand. There is no need to separately specify each and every child node in a long branch.
  • Comments may be added to terminal nodes (or empty container nodes).

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for TreeViewPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Download the zipped source from [download:treeviewplugin here].


You can check out TreeViewPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


Note that in these examples, code tags are used to denote the input and output from the plugin - this is done for illustrative purposes only, and will not be the case with the plugin installed.

Simple Tree, showing several features.

+-.A.B.C  # Node 'B' is auto-vivified
+-C.D     # 'C' is unique in the prior subtree
+-.A.E    # E will be added as a child of A
+-.F      # F will be added as a new top-level node

This will be displayed as something like:

+--- A
|    +--- B
|    |    +--- C
|    |         +--- D
|    +--- E
+--- F

The 'trac' directories


which is displayed as something like:

[V] usr
    +--- [V] share
             +--- [V] trac
                      +--- templates
                      +--- cgi-bin
                      +--- wiki-default
                      +--- [V] htdocs
                      |        +--- css
                      |        +--- js
                      +--- wiki-macros

Note the 'collapse subtree' buttons, marked as [V].

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New hack TreeViewPlugin, created by simon


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