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Sep 27, 2010, 11:03:36 AM (8 years ago)
Martin Scharrer

Added info about uninstall and rename_user script.


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    110110=== Uninstall Plugin ===
    111 The plugin can be uninstalled by removing the python egg file.
    112 The created database tables can be removed __before__ that using the following python code:
    113 {{{
    114 #!python
    115 from tracwatchlist.db import delete_watchlist_tables
    116 delete_watchlist_tables("/path/to/your/trac/installation")
    117 }}}
     111An [source:watchlistplugin/dev/tools/ uninstaller] (a python script) is provided to remove all created database tables. [ [ Direct Download] ]
     112The plugin itself can be uninstalled by removing the python egg file.
     114==== Usage ====
     116# python /path/to/trac/environment [-t <tables>] [-u <username>]
     119==== Optional arguments ====
     120`<tables>` stands for a comma-separated list of one or more of the DB tables `watchlist`, `watchlist_settings` and `system`. The first two are DB tables created by the plugin, while the last holds the watchlist version.
     121Only the given tables are deleted (the `system` table is not deleted of course, only the `watchlist_version` entry is removed). By default all three tables are affected.
     123The watchlist data of only a single user can be deleted using the `-u` option which takes the username as argument.
     125=== Rename user names ===
     126A [source:watchlistplugin/dev/tools/ script] is provided to rename a user in the DB tables created by the plugin. [ [ Direct Download] ]
     127Please note that no other tables or settings are affected. Renaming to an already existing username will result in an error if both watchlists share identical content.
     129==== Usage ====
     131# python /path/to/trac/environment <oldname> <newname>
    119135== Using it together with the AnnouncerPlugin ==#AnnouncerPlugin