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Mar 8, 2006, 5:11:01 PM (12 years ago)

added version with new features


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    99It takes one argument to specify the format of the page names.  It uses the time format syntax from the Python [ time module]'s {{{strftime}}} method.
     11== Another Version: Automatic linking to Milestones ==
     13I have attached another version [] which has these new features:
     14 * allows to specify the year,month to display
     15 * allows to enable/disable the prev/next buttons
     16 * still allows to define a wiki page
     17 * but will display a link to a milestone in bold if there is one placed on that day
     18 * default format for wiki page is "%Y-%m-%d"
     19 * table header with weekdays will be in bold
     24   WikiCalendar([year,month,[showbuttons,[wiki_page_format]]])
     27   Displays a calendar, the days will link to:
     28     - milestones (day in bold) if there is one on that day
     29     - a wiki page that has wiki_page_format (if exist)
     30     - create that wiki page if it does not exist
     33   year, month = display calendar for month in year ('*' for current year/month)
     34   showbuttons = true/false, show prev/next buttons
     35   wiki_page_format = strftime format for wiki pages to display as link
     36                      (if there is not a milestone placed on that day)
     37                      (if exist, otherwise link to create page)
     38                      default is "%Y-%m-%d"
     41   WikiCalendar
     42       shows a calendar for the current month, wiki pages will have the format "%Y-%m-%d"
     44   WikiCalendar(2006,07)
     45       shows a calender for July 2006, wiki pages will have the format "%Y-%m-%d"
     47   WikiCalendar(2006,07,false)
     48       as above, but don't display the prev/next buttons
     50   WikiCalendar(*,*,true,Meeting-%Y-%m-%d)
     51       shows a calendar for the current month, with buttons, and wiki pages with the format "Meeting-%Y-%m-%d"
     53   WikiCalendar(2006,07,false,Meeting-%Y-%m-%d)
     54       shows a calendar for July 2006, no buttons, and wiki pages with the format "Meeting-%Y-%m-%d"
     57Credits: [ Alexander Klimetschek]
    1159== Bugs/Feature Requests ==